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Top SEO tips to follow in 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for any publication. It's vital to focus on the correct ideas and techniques for generating organic traffic in today's oversaturated industry, where algorithms are always changing.

Some top SEO tips to follow in 2022 are:

1) Get on Google Discover:

Google Discover is a Google-created tailored AI-powered mobile news stream. It's a form of query-less search that focuses on subjects that are relevant to users' interests and search history. The interaction of visitors with the material is measured by the Discover feed. As a result, if people enjoy your material, there's a good chance you'll show up in their feed again. However, not all websites are compatible with Google Discover. News websites garnered 99 percent of all hits, according to an examination of 11,000+ URLs.

Another way to increase Google Discover traffic is to use the Max Picture Preview meta element, which tells Google to show your content with a huge image.

2) Long-Tail Keywords can help you get more traffic:

With highly competitive themes, long-tail keywords are an excellent method to generate respectable traffic. They're less well-known and more particular terms, generally consisting of three or more words. They're simpler to rank for because they're not as popular as your goal keywords.


Instead of going for the highly competitive phrase "dog food," go after the less popular term "organic dog food." You have the potential to rank for both of these keywords and generate even more organic traffic because your long-tail keyword incorporates your seed phrase ("dog food").

After all, what's the purpose of targeting a term with a high volume of traffic if you have no chance of outranking the top pages?

3) Make use of internal links:

We already discussed the significance of both internal and external linkages. We just used one, by the way! It can be a major opportunity for SEO because traffic isn't dispersed fairly over all sites in most cases, leaving many pages orphaned. Spencer Haws, for example, did an experiment on his website to see how internal connections affect rankings. After adding internal links to 47 articles (without changing the text), 76.6 percent of them increased their Google rankings.

Internal links allow Google to better grasp context and show the worth of a page by using anchor text (clickable content in a hyperlink). TIP! Using the 'Related Article' feature to highlight one of your articles is also a smart idea.

Having too many internal connections on one page, however, might be bad, according to Google's John Mueller. Because search engines can't grasp the site's structure or the importance of one page to another if every page is cross-linked.

4) Create videos out of blog posts:

Video is by far the most popular sort of material among consumers. As a result, turning your blog article into a video increases your chances of reaching a larger audience.

According to research, publishers that use video material on their websites receive 41% higher search traffic than those who solely use written content. Furthermore, video is responsible for a 157 percent boost in organic SERP traffic.

5) Conduct a site audit:

You should browse through your website every now and again to see what needs to be updated. For instance, removing broken links, pictures, canonical pointers to redirects, and so forth. But what if you have a book with more than 100 pages? So, where do you begin? Site Audit, a tool from Ahrefs, gives instant insight into important SEO concerns, analytics, and overall website performance.

After you authenticate your website's domain, the tool will crawl all of your pages and offer you a list of issues, including speed, links, HTML tags, content quality, and more, as well as suggestions for how to make them better. Looking at Google's autocomplete results and the "People also ask" box is one of the simplest methods to identify long-tail keywords. This will help you understand the more specific questions.

It's as simple as that! The tips listed above have been demonstrated to boost organic traffic and improve SEO. So there you have it: the top SEO tips for 2022.

Keep in mind, though, that SEO is a process, and you won't see results right away. While following just one piece of advice may not get you very far, following all five will surely help.

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