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How to get started with an effective email marketing?

Digitalization is taking over all the traditional methods of marketing. There are various ways to market your business’s presence and services through digital platform. Traditional marketing has taken a back seat now and why not when its so easy to reach your audience online, just from the comfort of your home. Everything is getting Online and so thus Marketing.

Gone are those days when business’s chose flyers distribution through a sales man who could just roam around to hand over the piece of advertisement to anybody or everybody. There was no mechanism to track. This also impacted the advertisement/marketing cost with no track on its returns.

Due to the immense activity on internet and easy to use platforms, it has now become super easy to reach directly to your targeted audience’s inbox. Yes!

There are several ways to do digital marketing. One of it is Email marketing and how to get started with it effectively.

Email marketing has been very popular these days. Mostly because of the presence of majority of people online. Emails never go unnoticed, until your business start spamming.

The best practice to reach users inbox and effectively, is emailing content at least once in a week/month, depending upon the freshness and crisp of the content. Digimunati is a digital marketing agency which follows industry standards to help its users grow their email list. They are the best digital marketing agency, offering a bundle of digital marketing services for their customers and users.

Following are the few important techniques that can land any business create an effective email campaign-


In order to send an email, one should have a list of audience and the address of their email box i.e email ids. In order to reach to your target audience’s inbox it important to go through a thorough planning. Dividing the customer base into two parts.

1. Existing users- Existing users are those businesses, who have already taken some services and have subscribed to your mailing list for more product and services updates. They should receive emails that can excite them to either purchase a new service or increase the duration of the engagement on the current on-going services. To keep existing users engaged, discounts, new range of services available etc can help make email marketing campaign successful.

2. New Users/ prospective users- Prospective users are yet not our business, but it’s like introducing our products and services, case studies that can show how effectively we are helping brands grow. This builds trust and confidence.

The purpose of email marketing is to catch the eye balls. This has maximum conversion rate. An effective email marketing is a relevant marketing.


It can be tempting to start email campaign by just signing up to various email marketing tools available online and boom start sending.

But hold on!

Even before you start your first campaign, It’s important to understand your goals. Your goal decides the type and kind of campaign that you are going to create and share across the mailing list, who you target and how you measure your success. The key to establish a correct goal for your email marketing campaign is to ensure that it’s in coordination with your company’s marketing idea. Is the goal to increase more leads? You want to increase awareness on new products or service? Or is there any offer on services/products?

Goals can vary from campaign to campaign and varies from company to company. There are some mentioned below:

It can be either to increase traffic to the website.

Generate more leads through form signups

To increase sales

To introduce new product or services

To invite more people for an online/offline event

Build an email list, you need people to email.

Now, that you know how to decide and work on setting up goals. The next step is to import contacts to your email marketing tool. If the email campaign is to stay connected with existing customers, then the email list will be prepared largely by importing contacts list of your existing customer, to whatever email marketing tool you use.

In case you don’t have any email subscriber, then it becomes important to first gather email list from scratch. The most important factor in this process is to be exciting and the ask should have some incentive for the subscriber. In order to subscribe to email one should get something in return. For businesses offering products through ecommerce can urge to offer discount on subscription.

Choose an email campaign type

After building the email list and deciding the goals that should be for your email marketing campaign, the next important step is to understand what type of email marketing campaign will suit your business needs. The digital marketing success depends upon the goals and maximum conversion for any business.

There are various types of emails marketing campaign, mentioning some below:

Informative Emails: These kinds of emails can be sent to folks to bring their notice to a new content, a new product/service, announcements etc.

Transactional Emails: These kinds of emails are directed towards users, who just stopped their purchase after adding products to the carts. It is a reminder email for the user to complete the process

Product announcement emails

Event invitation emails

Co-marketing emails

Social media sends

Internal Updates

Confirmation emails

Make a schedule

Its very important to decide how often you want to reach your audience’s inbox. It can be frustrating to send emails every now and then which might get lost among 100s of emails received by the user and finally land into spam box. The main purpose of email marketing is to catch an eye ball that converts. So its important to decide what type of email campaign you are choosing and how often you want user’s attention. Weekly/Monthly emails campaigns works really well.

Measure your result

This shouldn’t be surprising. As digital marketers our goal is to calculate the success and audience reach from each and every campaign. Keeping records and insights helps modify the campaign for future which can yield more success. As marketer we measure everything and provide the best solution for business to grow and increase revenue.

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