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"Go To" social media strategies for small businesses

Social media goals:

Do not just deal with metrics like likes and retweets. Also focus on generated leads, conversion rates, and referrals to your website. Use the SMART principle when defining goals: Goals should be specific, measurable, appealing, realistic and timed.

Conduct a social media audit:

Identify who you’re already connected to on social media, which networks your audience uses, and how your own social media presence compares to the competition.

Set up new accounts, complete existing ones:

Have you decided which social networks are best for your small business?

Then set up an account on each of these platforms. Make sure everything you post there to match the overall business goals and target audience.

Get inspiration:

See, what content competitors from your industry share. Get an overview and gain insights on how to reach out to potential customers and stand out from the competition. Find out what makes big corporations right and how you can integrate their tactics into your own social media strategy.

Create a social media calendar:

The calendar is central to your essential content marketing plan. It should include the day and time you want to post to Facebook and Instagram, tweets and any other type of social media content.

Test, evaluate and correct your strategy:

Adjust your strategy over and over again using performance metrics. Analyze facts such as the number of clicks per post, the reach of your campaigns, and the number of page views made through social media. You can use this data to further optimize your strategy.

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